Best pro tips for home cleaning

Best pro tips for home cleaning

Here are four of my all-time favorite cleaning tricks!

Cleaning Trick #1: Start High

When you start to clean any room start by dusting from the ceiling down. Remove cobwebs first, followed by vents, light fixtures, and tops of cabinets before moving to furniture.

Dry dust all furniture before you apply furniture polish to ensure you don’t create a moist gunk.

The same is true for floors. You want to make sure you thoroughly vacuum or sweep  anything on the floors before you apply any wet cleaning products.


Cleaning Trick #2:  Don’t Scrub

You might have to do some scrubbing, but the trick here is to apply the correct cleaning product for the job and let it soak in before you start cleaning. Spray and go do something else first.

For example, when we clean a bathroom we spray down the sink, tub, toilet and shower stall first and go do something else while the product does the work.  Maybe we empty the trash or go make a bed.

When you return, start with the least dirty surface first and work you way up to the dirtiest surface giving the product the maximum amount of time to work. This will make it easier to clean, cut down on wasted time and reduce the amount of elbow grease you have to give to the job at hand.


Cleaning Trick #3:  Don’t Bend

When you clean houses all day long, your back can really feel it.  One of the tricks that professionals use is to limit the amount of bending they do.

Here’s an example:

When you make a bed, after you strip the sheets don’t throw them on the floor.  Put them directly into the laundry or place them on a chair or nite stand. Same with pillows – don’t throw them on the floor.  All that bending over is terrible for your back and it’s a waste of time.

It’s not only about saving your back, but saving time and reducing a number of steps to each cleaning task.


Cleaning Trick #4:  Do The Same Task

Professional cleaners clean a home based on tasks.  One person dusts, the other does floors, the third kitchen, and bathroom.

You can use the same concept in your home to save time and increase efficiencies.

Let’s use the upstairs living environment for this example:

  • Go to the bathroom and spray down all the surfaces.
  • Move on to the bedrooms. Strip all the beds, empty all the trash.
  • Next, dust all the rooms and make each bed while you’re in the room you’re dusting.
  • Go back to the bathroom and finish cleaning.
  • Finally, vacuum and wash all the floors.
  • Vacuum the stairs on the way down

Do one task at a time and move between rooms.


Cleaning your home doesn’t have to take all day long.  It can be done quickly if you apply the same efficiencies that professional house cleaners use. 

Learn to master each skill, start high, save your back, and let the cleaning products do the work.


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