• How to clean your Shower Screen

    How to clean your Shower Screen

    How to clean your Shower Screen There are alot of glass cleaners available on the market that have been specifically designed to eliminate Soap scum, limescale, watermarks, mold, mildew, and discolouration from your shower, for example CLR, Better life Glass Cleaner, Bio-Clean water stain remover, mould killer and etc. These usually need to be applied, Read more

  • How to clean your windows

    How to clean your windows We would recommend to clean your windows (in and out) at least twice a year. once after the winter month (reason why is we have alot of rain during the winter month, no point cleaning the external windows), and another time after the summer month. We also think that it Read more

  • End of Lease / Vacate Cleaning Tips

    End of Lease Cleaning Tips We recommend that you keep all your cleaning supplies together; pop them all in a bucket, to speed up the cleaning process For best results, we recommend cleaning from top to bottom, i.e always clean the ceiling first, follow with the windows, and the floor for the last Begin with Read more

  • How to: deep clean your kitchen

    How to: deep clean your kitchen

    HOW TO DEEP CLEAN YOUR KITCHEN We always thought that our kitchen is clean, but what if I were to look at all the nooks and in between of your kitchen and appliances – is it clean? Because our kitchens are used a few times a day, and the endless cooking and baking that happens Read more