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Vacate cleaning - Terms and Conditions

Our standard vacate clean including the below:

Kitchen Inside & Outside of cupboards (fully emptied), Oven, grill/stove, pantry external (internal wall is not included, as normally the internal wall is only a base coat), range hood (where removable), exhaust fan(where removable), taps clean & polish, sink

Bathroom / laundry

Inside & Outside of cupboards (fully emptied), mirrors, shower/bath (some aged water stain might not be able to be removed), toilet, exhaust fans (where removable), taps clean & polish, sink


Inside & Outside of wardrobe (fully emptied - internal wall is not included, as normally the internal wall is only a base coat), spot clean light-coloured walls (we do not clean dark-colored walls, as it might show spots after that), ceiling fans, Air-Cond filters (where removable), Light Switches


Windows inside and outside (where accessible, except exterior windows on the second floor), fly screens lightly brushed (where removable, we do not hose down the fly screen), window ledges, light switches, power points, spot clean light-coloured walls (we do not clean dark-colored walls, as it might show spots after that), skirting, inside and outside of cupboards (fully emptied), doors, door frames, cobwebs inside the property, light fittings, ceiling fans, extra mirrors, all flat surfaces to be wiped, blinds are lightly brushed throughout (light brushing will not remove grease), floors to be vacuumed and mopped throughout (we are not able to remove paint drops and clean grout. Dirty grout can be cleaned at an additional cost.

Extra charges will apply if additional items, apart from the ones mentioned in the quote above, need cleaning.

The following items are not included in a Standard Vacate Clean

Patio, Garage, Driveway, Light Gardening, Pressure Jet certain areas, Mowing, Skip Bin Hire, Removal of furniture, Replace Globes, Cleaning of kitchen appliances, Steam Clean of Carpets, Front Porch, cleaning of furniture

Terms and Conditions

Double-storey house, study, powder rooms, media rooms, extra toilets etc.. are all considered extras and need to be mentioned at the time of booking.

Should there be any items that would pose a danger to the cleaners, (eg: ill-fitted light fittings, loose fitting window panes) we will inform the client immediately. This also applies if the condition of certain items in the property is out of the ordinary, (eg: blockage of sinks and toilets, leaky ceiling)

We guarantee the clean for 48 hours. Our bond guarantee does not cover settled dust after 48 hours; an empty house can accumulate dust very quickly. We also do not guarantee anything being dirtied from an open house. The outside windows are not guaranteed nor are any patio area we clean due to being open to the elements of the weather. Any report within the 48 hours that falls under our responsibilities except the list above, will be fixed for free.

There is no guarantee for properties that are not properly vacated. If you are still staying in the property, it is your responsibility to maintain the clean until your real estate inspection. If we believe you are still residing in the property/ or not completely moved out yet, we will note this on the receipt for the real estate.

If you have any comments about our terms and conditions contact us!

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